My Story

Hi! I'm Scott, the founder of ShroomBoost.

Over the years I’ve become fascinated with the healing power of mushrooms, both for our bodies and for the earth at large. Did you know that some species of mushrooms will literally eat toxic sludge?

Whilst digesting the sludge, those mushrooms attract insects. The insects attract the birds, the birds poop out seeds they’ve eaten, and before you know it, a toxic wasteland is transformed into a precious ecosystem. All thanks to the humble mushroom.

Entoloma hochstetteri - Bluesky mushroom

Interestingly, I never ate mushrooms growing up, and honestly I rarely do even now.

But as I learned more about medicinal mushrooms and the amazing things they could do for the human body, I was hooked.

I knew I had to incorporate mushrooms into my diet in order to reach my maximum health potential.

So even though I don’t eat mushrooms very often in a culinary sense, I do take mushrooms for health benefits, and I do this every single day.

(Photo: Bluesky mushroom, New Zealand. It's not edible, but doesn't it look amazing?)

I started ShroomBoost because honestly, I couldn't find a product that was backed by hard data to support the quality statements made about it.

Many retailers seem to offer a product that is part mushroom and part starch, grain, or some other filler to bulk it up. And some retailers don’t even offer third party lab tests to back up their claims.

I spent the last few years learning everything I could about medicinal mushrooms; where they best grow, how to extract the greatest nutritional benefit, and how to work with each species to get the very best out of them for my own health.

As I learnt more about the science behind the mushrooms and how beneficial they can be, I knew I just had to share it with the people I care about, and this includes you.

(Photo: wild Turkey Tail growing on a friends property in the Hunter Valley NSW)

Reishi mushrooms wild grown
My Promise To You

I want you to feel the amazing benefits of one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods available - in its most optimal form.

My team and I promise to offer the highest quality product, which is organically grown in some of the most pristine environments in the world and in the best possible conditions.

If you have any questions or feedback, please always feel free to reach out to me.

Here’s wishing you good health, and here’s hoping that we all achieve our full potential.

Scott Cairns.
Founder - ShroomBoost